The Game

So you think you’ve escaped the killer, you think you’re safe? But those poor victims you came across keep playing on your mind.. ‘Surely they’re entitled to rest in peace?’ ‘They must have a family too?’ So you’re back to begin to find their identity.. but you’re not the only one who’s back for a visit.

Come and revisit us for a revamped Killers Code Halloween Special, with the blood, guts and gore of this room things are going to get pretty messy as the killer returns to finish what he started.

The Room

mission exit halloween special

There is a live element to this room.
A change of old clothes may be required, Mission Exit will not be held responsible for any damage to clothing.
It is not necessary to previously have played The Killers Code, however this would be an advantage to the theme.

Book now – game available between 21st October – 5th November.


A Room With NO Exit

Can You Escape Mission Exit?